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We are so glad to be here! Dentistry for Grown-Ups is a place for adults of all ages to come and have a comfortable, easy dentist visit.

We are conveniently located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and promise you will leave satisfied with your care. Our doctors and staff's top priority is our patient receiving the best adult dentistry care. 




  Our sister office, Dentistry for Kids, has been a staple of dental care in Santa Fe for decades. We know how sad patients are to graduate and parents are always begging for us to be their dentist. Now is the time! Dentisty for Grown-Ups is now a reality. Your continued dental care in a relaxed dental environment is a dream come true for everyone. 

Our Office


Routine Hygiene and Exams


Prevention is the best treatment. Routine visits provide us an opportunity to evaluate your oral status and stop problems before they start. 

Composite Fillings


We provide a number of resin and/or silica based restorative materials that provide an esthetic result while conserving healthy tooth structure.

Crowns and Bridges


If you have a single tooth or multiple teeth that need attention, we offer high quality and attractive crowns and bridges.

Emergency Services


We will do everything we can to accomodate emergency patients and our doctors are available after hours on our emergency phone line.



A broken or missing tooth requires an implant. We are happy to help with that process and leave you with a smile you are proud to show off.

Root Canals


When the roots of teeth get infected or damaged, we can prevent a tooth extraction by performing a root canal, leaving you more comfortable and extending the life of the tooth.

Tooth Extraction


The reality is sometimes a tooth needs to be removed. We are here to make that experience as easy as possible. We also offer Wisdom Teeth removal.

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